Park System Improvement Plan

Finding Your Fun in Fridley logoThe City of Fridley operates nearly 40 parks that offer access to nature, athletic fields, play spaces and community gathering places. For several years, City staff have been working with residents and consultants to reimagine our park system. Since 2019, a robust community engagement effort has helped to identify priorities that residents would like to see including a splash pad, improved park buildings, increased trail connectivity and access to water for recreational activities such as fishing, canoeing and kayaking.

Three years of community engagement had led to the creation of a systematic Park System Improvement Plan (Park Plan) for Fridley’s parks. This Park Plan provides recommendations to improve every park in the City with a prioritized list of improvements that will provide balanced and equitable access to parks and recreation opportunities for all in Fridley. 

A webpage will be created for each park to house updates, concept plans, engagement opportunities and more. 

In Progress Projects

Projected Completion
Creek View Park
Design Fall 2023
Ed Wilmes Park 
Design Fall 2023
Moore Lake Park
Design Fall 2023
Skyline Park 
Design Fall 2023

Future Projects

ParkStatus Projected Completion
Edgewater Gardens ParkImplementation PlanningFall 2024
Plymouth Square Park Implementation Planning Fall 2024
Sylvan Hills Park Implementation PlanningFall 2024
Logan Park Implementation PlanningFall 2025
Madsen Park Implementation Planning Fall 2025
Oak Hill Park Implementation Planning     
Fall 2025
Flanery Park Implementation Planning     
Fall 2026
Jubilee ParkImplementation Planning     
Fall 2026
Commons Park Implementation Planning     
Fall 2027
Summit Square Park Implementation Planning     
Fall 2027
Harris Park Implementation Planning     
Fall 2027
Briardale Park Implementation Planning     
Fall 2028
Creekridge Park Implementation Planning     
Fall 2028
Hackmann Circle Park Implementation Planning     
Fall 2028
Ruth Circle ParkImplementation Planning     
Fall 2028
Innsbruck Park Implementation Planning     
Fall 2029
Jay Park Implementation Planning     
Fall 2029
Terrace Park Implementation Planning     
Fall 2029

Completed Projects

ParkStatus Completion 


Please contact the Parks System Improvement Plan team at with any comments, questions or concerns. 

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Project Overview

Starting in 2019, the City undertook a community-driven comprehensive park system planning process known as “Finding Your Fun in Fridley.” The outcome of this process was a planning document that will guide the city with identified priorities for park improvements and investments to ensure the city has a balanced and equitable park system that meets the needs of the community.

The park system plan process has included the following:

  • Development of a Project Goal Statement
    • "Fridley’s park system will increase the wellbeing of our community by providing people of all ages and abilities with opportunities for active living, social connections, wellness, and nature."
  • Feedback and data gathering through Social Pinpoint Pin map, community survey, and City’s Comprehensive Plan
  • Four Community Workshops (See Past Workshops Tab)
  • Parks & amenities inventory and assessment 

Here's What the Community Said

The Fridley community values our neighborhood and community parks but want to see meaningful improvements and updates. Key community themes and action steps that were identified included:

  • Improved Playground & Amenities
  • Gathering Spaces
  • Year-Round Use & Connectivity 
  • Unique Amenities & Experiences

Community Feedback on Individual Parks

Draft designs were created for each city park based on the feedback from the workshops and online. From March to early May in 2021, residents had the opportunity to provide feedback on these draft designs via an interactive map and in-person neighborhood meetings. City staff compiled nearly 1,000 comments from residents on the park plans and held dozens of meetings in neighborhood parks and with stakeholder groups such as city commissions and partner organizations. 

Survey results and other feedback on the draft designs were compiled and organized to help refine the draft design concepts and provide estimates. Updates on the project and recommendations from the community feedback were discussed at the 2021 Town Hall Meeting on Saturday, June 5. You can watch the 2021 Town Hall meeting online.

Two Park Plan Task Forces Were Created 

After the June 2021 Town Hall meeting, City Council passed a resolution directing the formation of two citizen task forces; one to provide guidance on funding future park improvements and one to advise city staff on priorities and refinement of the park system plan to not exceed $30 million dollars.

The Park Plan Refinement Task Force has concluded their meetings but the agenda and minutes can be found on the Agenda Center 

The Financial Task Force has concluded their meetings but the agenda and minutes can be found on the Agenda Center

You can view Task Force Documents in the Project Documents section. Agendas for each of the task force meetings, and previous meeting minutes can be found via the Agenda Center