Jubilee Park


Address 5334 5th Street NE
Start Date May 2026
End Date August 2026
Current Status Implementation Planning
Park Type Mini Park
Size 0.4 Acres
Special Use None

Current Status

Jubilee Park serves more than 700 residents in conjunction with Oak Hill Park. This park has an alley on one side with a chain link fence that detracts from the overall character and contains a playground with a bench, a walk connection and a picnic table.

Recommendations and Estimate of Probable Costs

General recommendations include redevelopment of the site with a focus on providing complementary types of recreation from Oak Hill for expanded recreation opportunities within these neighborhoods to meet broader needs and demographics.

Recommendations include:

  • Landscaping enhancements
  • Basketball half court with striping overlay for hopscotch and four-square
  • Unique shelter or shade structure with seating beneath it
  • Unique or challenge equipment that feels more artistic 
  • Public art/gateway features
  • Trail/walk connectons
  • Security light

The estimate of probable costs for completing the recommendations shown range from approximately $207,000 to $260,000.

Concept Plans:

Current Conditions

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