Flanery Park


Address 1505 Onondaga Street NE
Start Date June 2026
End Date October 2026
Current Status Implementation Planning
Park Type Neighborhood Park
Size 7.9 Acres
Special Use Hockey Rink

Current Status

Flanery Park is a neighborhood park with nice character, mature trees and a broad range of recreation amenities. Currently the park has on-street parking, double tennis courts, half basketball court, two ballfields, park building with restrooms, hockey rink and a leisure skating area. Open access to skating area invites improper vehicular use of this space. 

Recommendations and Estimate of Probable Costs

General recommendations include confirming an updated site layout with the neighborhood for an improved experience meeting a broad range of user groups.

Recommendations include:

  • Removal of hockey rink (rink to remain at Madsen to service community)
  • Off-street parking lot with curb and gutter for improved safety and accessibility due to larger service area 
  • Landscape enhancements
  • Open lawn with low-grow and/or pollinator-friendly turf mixture 
  • New expanded playground meeting broader range of challenge levels and age groups with ADA compliant playground surfacing (engineered wood fiber) and rubber surfacing or tiles at primary access points and high-wear areas
  • Concrete playground border
  • Optional: Realign double tennis courts for N-S orientation
  • Full size basketball court
  • Park building improvements
  • Site furnishings with common characteristic (benches, tables, receptacles, bike racks, drinking fountain, etc.)
  • Expanded walks/trails for improved accessibility and internal loop route
  • Wayfinding signs
  • Security light

The estimate of probable costs for completing the recommendations shown range from approximately $765,000 to $1.1 million.

Concept Plans:

Current Conditions

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