Does the city-provided recycling service include apartments?
Yes, if they are in buildings of 12 units or smaller. Buildings 13 units and larger in size privately contract separately for recycling, so you would need to consult building management with questions in large apartment complexes. Look for a recycling symbol on recycling carts because cart types and color vary with vendor. All building owners are required to provide recycling opportunities to all residents. It needs to be accessible in winter and summer. Ultimately, since the garbage bin is taxed and the recycling isn't, expenses for apartment managers and owners can be lower if recycling is properly used: less garbage is generated, which means fewer dumpster pickups of garbage.

"Our Building Recycles" posters, magnets and totes all may be available for your building, contact City recycling for more information at 763-572-3594.

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7. Does the city-provided recycling service include apartments?
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