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March 9, 2021 10:29 AM

Provide Feedback on City Parks

Fridley community members have been telling us our city parks need help. The City of Fridley listened. Starting in 2019, the City undertook a community-driven comprehensive park system planning process known as “Finding Your Fun in Fridley.”

An interactive parks map was developed as a method for the community to view existing park maps and amenities and to review the parks concept plans. Select the “View the Map” button below and you will find the concept plans with a corresponding survey under each individual park tab for both Community and Neighborhood/Special Use Parks.

- Under each individual park tab button for both Neighborhood & Special Use Parks, and Community Parks, scroll down and select the “Park Concept Plan” to review the draft improvement plans. Some parks have one concept plan, others may have two.

- Below the Park Concept Plan button will be a “Park Survey” Button. Select this to provide comments back to us on what you like or dislike.

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