Northern Stacks

Fridley Land LLC, the owner of 4800 East River Road (now called Northern Stacks) is in the process of redeveloping the property into 1.6 million square feet of new industrial buildings.
Northern Stacks
This 122-acre development is moving forward ahead of schedule! Over a million square feet of the original Northern Pump/FMC/BAE building is already gone, no longer even evident on the site.

The northern portion of the building will remain and is being given a modern exterior. This portion will continue to house BAE’s highly technical divisions such as engineering. The southern end of this portion will house a cafeteria for on-site dining for BAE staff and visitors. Indoor dining and an outdoor patio will make it an enjoyable place for lunch, in an area that currently has few food options.

The exterior elevation transformation will include a finish sometimes called digital camouflage which will present a very smart high-tech appearance to match the work going on within its walls.

The building permit for the next office building on the southwest corner of the campus has been issued, and construction has started.

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Fun Fact:
The Northern Stacks with the symbolic "E" will remain as a tribute to the site's history.
Northern Stacks