Offsite Programs

We come to your school! We have a variety of programs for all ages.
Offsite programs are available Monday - Friday from 10 am - 4 pm.

Program Pricing:

60 Minute Program: $150
Additional Program*: $50
* Same location, same day

Booking Your Program:

Call the Nature Center at 763-572-3588 to book your program.  
Chew Chew (PreK - 2nd Grade)
That's what beavers do - they chew! Learn all about nature's most interesting engineer in this fast-paced, interactive program.

Scales and Tales (All Ages)​

A Springbrook Nature Center naturalist will share a perfect mixture of storytelling, natural history and live animals such as snakes and turtles.  This program is sure to delight audiences of all ages.

A Visit from Springbrook Swampblossom (All Ages)​

A character program featuring a visit from one of the wildest creatures at Springbrook Nature Center – Springbrook Swampblossom.  This colorful character weaves together an unforgettable series of stories from the wilds of the nature center including myths, legends, and folktales that highlight natural history concepts.

Reptiles Alive! (PreK - 8th Grade)

Students will discover the amazing natural history of reptiles and amphibians found in Minnesota through interactive demonstrations, incredible pictures and a visit from several of Springbrook’s programs animals such as snakes and turtles. 

Painted Turtle

Professor Owlbert Eyeshine (All Ages)​

A visit from the eccentric Professor Owlbert Eyeshine, professor of “Nocturnology” will enthrall students with a humorous and interactive presentation on the adaptations and natural history of nocturnal animals in Minnesota such as owls and bats. 
Michael Recycle to the Rescue (K - 4th Grade)
"I'm Michael Recycle for all that I'm worth! I'm green and I'm keen to save planet Earth!"
Get ready to meet the coolest green superhero in town!