Fires/Barbecues on Balconies or Patios

Open flame is prohibited in any structure containing three or more dwelling units per Section 108.10 of the Fridley City Code. No person shall kindle, maintain, or cause any fire or open flame on any balcony above ground level, or on any ground floor patio within fifteen (15) feet of the structure.

Fuel storage is prohibited. No person shall store or use any fuel, barbecue, torch, or other similar device in the locations designated in Section 1.

Exceptions: Listed electric or gas-fired barbecue grills that are permanently mounted and wired or plumbed to the building's gas supply or electrical system and that maintain a minimum clearance of 18 inches on all sides, unless listed for lesser clearances, may be installed on balconies and patios when approved by the Code Official.

City Code: Chapter 108 Fire Prevention