City Clerk


Everything you need to know about elections and voting. Find out where to vote, how to become an election judge, get an absentee ballot and more.

City Documents

Looking for a city document? Most Fridley information can be accessed online including the City Budget, recent newsletters, Council Agendas and Minutes, Planning documents and more.

Fridley City Code

The City Code contains the day-to-day laws of the city, defined by the City Council. The City Code is a set of documents specifying regulations regarding topics such as licensing, health and safety, building and zoning, and utilities.

Fridley City Charter

The City Charter defines the structure of the city and is the framework under which the city operates. The charter specifies things like the structure of the city council, including how and when elections are held and how candidates are nominated; the powers and duties of the city manager; budget and taxation issues; and the operation of public utilities.