City Manager's Office

City Manager Wally WysopalThe City Manager is the administrative head of the City who oversees the functions of all departments and is the primary liaison between the City Council and City staff.

The City Manager's department is responsible for communications and engagement, and general government administration. The department prepares the agendas for City Council meetings and conference meetings and prepares the minutes from City Council meetings.

The department partners with the Communications & Engagement division to publish the bi-monthly city newsletter and is responsible for providing local cable television programming which includes daily broadcasts of City Council meetings, commission meetings, Fridley news and other community-oriented programming.

City Council

The City of Fridley has a Council-Manager form of government in which the City Council sets the policies for the operation of the city, and the day-to-day administrative responsibility rests with the City Manager. Fridley City Council consists of five elected members who welcome your input and involvement.