West Moore Lake Drive Mill & Overlay

Project Overview: 

The West Moore Lake Drive Mill and Overlay project includes pavement rehabilitation from 61st Avenue to Central Avenue. This project spans 0.43 miles and includes asphalt paving along with associated roadway repairs. See below for a project area location map.

Construction Project Status: 

This project has been awarded to Park Construction Company. out of Spring Lake Park, MN. As of right now, we do not have a schedule of when the Contractor would like to start. We anticipate construction to begin in late Summer to early Fall of 2023. Once a schedule from the contractor has been provided, we will provide weekly updates. 

If you'd like to be added to the weekly update email list, please email web-StreetProjects@fridleymn.gov with your name, email address, and indicate that you want to be added to the West Moore Lake Drive Mill and Overlay Project update group. 

Project Contact:

Touyia Lee - Project Engineer

West Moore Lake Dr Overlay

Project Updates

August 28th, 2023

Beginning the week of August 28th, the Contractor will be preparing the roadway and project area for pavement milling and paving. Milling is anticipated to start on Wednesday August 23rd and paving is anticipated to begin on Thursday August 24th. As a reminder, once construction starts, no street parking is allowed in this section. This provides the Contractor with room to work and prevents any damage to vehicles or personal property. Vehicles parked within the immediate work area during certain phases of construction may be subject to towing. For additional information, please see the official emailed notice