73rd Avenue Corridor Study Project

Project Background

The City of Fridley is currently working on a corridor study for 73rd Avenue from University Avenue to Central Avenue prior to the future street rehabilitation project slated for construction in 2026. This study is evaluating the width of the roadway with limited traffic volumes, the existence of the frontage road, the flooding issues occurring both along and downstream of this corridor, and the implementation of the Parks Master Plan and associated work at Madsen Park. In 2022, the City received a Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) Planning Grant for stormwater, wastewater, and community resilience to fund this work and create a final conceptual design for stormwater resiliency improvements along the 73rd Avenue corridor study area.

 Staff is currently working with their consultants, Bolton & Menk and Barr Engineering, on the different components of the corridor study analyzing different stormwater and transportation alternatives. The analysis includes integration and mitigation of stormwater flooding, storm water quality and flood control storage, roadway geometrics, traffic safety and trail connections to adjacent existing trail facilities.

Project Storyboard

A project storyboard was created for viewers to learn more about the history and characteristics of the corridor.

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Map of Project Area

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