East Moore Lake Biochar and Iron-Enhanced Sand Filter

Construction of a biochar and iron enhanced sand filter is underway at Moore Lake Park and will continue through June 2023. This filter will treat stormwater runoff from a 94-acre area surrounding Moore Lake to help improve water quality. Water from the lake and storm sewer system will be pumped through the filter to remove pollutants including nutrients, bacteria, and sediment. Other water quality improvements include the installation of a hydrodynamic separator, a detention area, and pollinator plantings. Support for project is provided in part by the Rice Creek Watershed District and the Board of Water and Soil Resource’s Clean Water Fund.

Moore Lake was designated as an impaired water for excess nutrients by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency in 2002. Common sources of nutrients into the lake include fertilizer runoff and leaves entering the storm sewer system. The improved water quality resulting from this project will be an important part of the overall effort to revitalize Moore Lake. 

As updates on this project are received, they will be posted here. 

For more information, please contact the City of Fridley's Engineering Department at 763-572-3554 or by email at web-FridleyEngineering@FridleyMN.gov.

Aerial view of Moore Lake improvement project construction site