Halloween 2020


Costume Ideas!

Halloween is a time to become something that you aren't. If its your hero or a fantasy that you want to act out. We all love to dress up and pretend, no matter what age. 

However, it can be a stressful time if you are uncertain on what you want to be for Halloween. If you are like me, you want to use items at home to make a DIY costume... and that is exactly what we have for you. Here is a list of DIY costumes...

Note: Don't forget to summit your costume to recreation@fridleymn.gov to be feature on our Instagram page on Halloween!

Basketball Player


Do you have an old jersey laying around? This could be from a professional team or a school team that you or a family member has played on. 

To add to the costume, look up some of your favorite sports players. Copy their hairstyle, accessories, and tattoos. 

How to make homemade fake tattoos: draw your design with eyeliner, put baby powder on it, then spray it with hair spray. 



This costume can be simple or as complex as you would like it to be. All you need is a couple things: baggy/older clothes (bonus if ripped or stained), a sunhat, and a cloth bag to act as a mask. 

To add some more detail, you can put some straw into your costume, along with putting on fake patches. Also, you can use makeup inside of a bag for the scarecrow's head. 


Medical Professional 

Dress up as a hero! Different medical professionals have different attire, so if you have a certain profession in mind, look it up their daily attire. 

However, a generic wardrobe could be as easy as a white lab coat, gloves, a name tag, and goggles. To add some flare, carry around a clip board!

Country Old Western

Old Western 

Odds have it, you probably have most of this stuff at home. What makes the costume work is the handkerchief around you neck and a hat, I would use a cowboy hat. Then all you have to find is a flannel, blue jean (overalls work) and then you're all set. Bonus points if you have cowboy boots! 



This costume has to be the easiest costume there is. You only need one item, a white bed sheet. The first and final step is to cut eye holes in the blanket!

Pro tip, glue a winter hat to where your head will be. This helps the sheet stay in place and that means the eye holes will stay in place as well!! 



This costume requires some craftsmanship to make the wings but still very possible to do at home. There are many ways to approach this: use cardboard or attach a fabric across you back and on your hands to create wings when you hold your arms up. 

For the main costume, you can't go wrong with a single color dress (as long as it matches the wings). Some additional items could be flowers as a crown or glitter on your body. 



The dead have been woken up!! For this costume, toilet paper can get the job done, along with some eye shadow to make your eyes look "dead". 

Wear all white clothing and wrap the toilet paper around you. It is okay if some of it is falling off, just make sure most of it will stay on!



Let's put a smile on that face by being the Joker from Batman. Depicted in the picture to the left, is the exact make up style that was used in the 2019 film "Joker". 

Besides the makeup, you can dress similar to the character by wearing the colors red, green, and yellow! If you want to impress the crowd, try (temporary) dying you hair green! 


Grim Reaper 

To look "dead", face paint is a big part of this costume! There are many styles that depicts our inter skeletons. Search around the internet to see which one fits your artistic abilities. 

This costume calls for a dark look, meaning you have to dress in all back (with a hood) to complete it! Carry a staff to add to the costume. 

More Ideas!

If those ideas weren't your cup of tea. We have a few more that are mainstream icons of the last couple of decades. If you don't recongized the name, search it, maybe this year you can try being someone new!

  • Scooby Doo and the Gang 
  • Indiana Jones and Shorty 
  • The Wiggles