Any work being done in the City Right of Way or that will be disturbing land in a watershed area requires a\ permit from the Engineering Division. Engineering also approves permits for water and sewer repairs and driveway replacements and curb cuts. 

Note: All Engineering permits must be completed with an online application. Under "Application Type" select Engineering Permit and then select the corresponding Sub Type.

A listing of commonly requested permits of the Engineering Division is provided below.

Grading Permit

A Grading (Land Alteration) Permit is required for topographic alterations involving the movement of more than 10 cubic yards of material on steep slopes or within shore and bluff impacted zones, the movement of more than 50 cubic yards of material outside of steep slopes or within shore and bluff impacted zones, and/or grading or filling of type 2-8 wetlands.

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Right-Of-Way Permit

A Right-of-Way Permit is required when any work performed in the City of Fridley within the street right-of-way. Right-of-way is the property on which the street is located and that extends behind the curb approximately 10 to 15 feet.

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Right-Of-Way (Driveway) Permit

A Driveway/Right-of-Way Permit is required when a resident or constructor is removing/replacing the existing curb or gutter, or proposing work that alters the existing curb or gutter in any way. 

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Water and Sewer Permit

A Water and Sewer Permit is required to allow for the installation, repair, removal or relocation of the utility which projects onto, under or over any City of Fridley public property or right-of-way, including the municipal sanity sewer or water service distribution system. A permit is also required to tap or disconnect from the City's water mains and hydrants or to install a water meter. 

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Load Limit Permit

A Load Limit Permit is needed to move oversize loads and an approved permit must be in hand prior to movement. 

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