2018 Street Project


An update on this project was mailed out this week with information on the schedule at this point for construction. The City is working on final details for this project and working with adjacent entities to receive final approvals which delayed the schedule for construction. More information can be found in the mailed notice found at this link. Please call Engineering at 763-572-3554 if you have questions. 

Map of Area to be Resurfaced

Street Resurfacing_2018_mailing

Feedback on Project

Please provide comments and feedback at: https://polco.us/fridley

Timber Ridge Presentation 
March 7, 2017

A presentation was held at the Mississippi Branch of the Anoka County Library for residents of the Timber Ridge Townhouse Association. The presentation can be found here for those who missed. 

Here are links to the two options presented, as well. Feedback can be sent to Engineering Staff.

Open House

An Open House was held on Tuesday, February 13th at 5:30 PM in the Council Chambers of Fridley City Hall.

If you missed the Open House presentation or would like to view it again you can do so at this link. 

Construction Information and Frequently Asked Questions 

This handout answers questions and gives general information about what to expect during construction. Follow this link for more information and call us at 763-572-3554 with further questions.

Resident Questionnaire

It is helpful for us to gather information about your property ahead of time, such as any plans to repair or replace water or sewer service, driveway widening and replacement and if you have an irrigation system or pet fence. It is also helpful if we can find out if you have any accessibility issues or if you have a home business or special event planned. We want to work with you to ensure you have proper access to your property. Please fill out this questionnaire with this information. If you have difficulty downloading the document or need assistance filling it out, please contact Engineering at 763-572-3554.