Neighborhood Harmony

District Officers

Each Fridley neighborhood belongs to to one of seven Districts. Each District has a Police Sergeant and team of Officers and Police Staff assigned specifically to cultivate relationships and address quality of life issues between neighbors.

badge icon of police officer
  • Provide advice on how to approach your neighbor
  • Talk to the neighbor informally on your behalf
  • Offer referral to free outside help such as Mediation Services of Anoka County
  • Connect you to schools and various other community resources

Click Here for a list of Neighborhood Resource Officers by neighborhood, or call (763) 572-3629 for help connecting with an officer.

Dial 9-1-1 in case of an emergency, if you feel unsafe, and/or if you need to speak with an officer immediately.

How To Address A Conflict

Tips for Approaching Your Neighbor

Step #1: Prepare

◦ Stay Calm
◦ Prepare your description of the conflict in a small and specific way.
◦ Listen and respect the other person's response.
◦ Be open to discussion.

Step #2: Action

◦ Choose a time when the problem is not "hot" and both parties are not rushed.
◦ Ask - "May I talk with you about something?"
◦ Describe the conflict or problem as you experience it and why it is important to you.
◦ Invite the other person to share their side and listen to their response.

Step #3: Solution

◦ Identify areas where you both agree.
◦ Share ideas to make it better.
◦ Keep the conversation focused on today and the future, not the past.
◦ Propose a solution that works for both sides.

Step #4: Agreement

◦ Confirm that you both agree on action(s).
◦ Thank you other person for their willingness to listen and work with you.
◦ Remember to hold up your end of the agreement.
◦ Watch for opportunities to recognize when the other person follows up as agreed.

Download a guide to dealing with conflict (PDF) - provided by Mediation Services of Anoka County.

Doing Your Part in Neighborhood Preservation

The city has guidelines in place to encourage community pride, maintain neighborhood harmony, and support a safe city.

Sometimes neighborhood disputes arise over things like outdoor storage, long grass, exterior housing maintenance, or inoperable vehicles parked in the driveway or yard.

Fridley's Neighborhood Preservation Specialist helps educate residents on these types of concerns. We offer videos, self-inspection guides, and quick overviews of the city rules to help you be a good neighbor. We also offer reporting methods if you have concerns in your neighborhood that you'd like brought to our attention. Not every issue is a police or city matter, but if we can help out, we will.

Questions on Fridley City Codes? Give us a call at (763) 572-3598.
Click here for helpful videos, checklists, and more on neighborhood preservation.