Urban Birding Festival

Twin Cities Urban Birding Festival: May 12-21
Where Birds & People Meet

Nathan Pieplow

Springbrook Event: Thursday, May 11

7:00 p.m.

Author Nathan Pieplow

Identifying birds by sound is a crucial skill that can be difficult to learn. Author Nathan Pieplow has devised a system that lets you identify bird sounds without having to memorize them. The Peterson Field Guide to Bird Sounds lets you look up sounds, the way you look up words in the dictionary. The key is learning to visualize sounds. Nathan’s clear, practical instructions for visualizing sounds will make you a better listener. You will hear details in sound that you hadn’t noticed before, and you will have the vocabulary to describe those details. Nathan will help you identify birds by their sounds, but he will also help you understand birds by their sounds. For the sounds of birds are a language, carrying messages from one bird to another. To understand the language, and decode the messages, all you need is the right dictionary.
The Twin Cities metro area is home to some of the best parks and nature centers in the United States, including Springbrook Nature Center. With these incredible resources and the bird activity along the Mississippi River flyway, our region features wonderful opportunities to see a spectacular diversity of birds. The Twin Cities Urban Birding Festival is a celebration of our birds and helps birders of all ages and experience get out and learn more. 
For details on all Twin Cities Urban Birding Festival events, visit Minnesota Audubon.
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