Police Divisions


Chief Brian T. Weierke, Director of Public Safety 
Captain Ryan George

Division Commanders

Lieutenant Steve Monsrud - Patrol Division
Lieutenant James Mork - Investigations Division
Lieutenant Jeffrey Guest - Support Division

Patrol Division

Patrol Officers

22 uniformed patrol officers are assigned to one of six patrol teams supervised by six patrol sergeants. Officers respond to 9-1-1 calls for service, enforce traffic laws and investigate criminal activity. Neighborhood outreach in the eleven neighborhood districts is an important focus of the department and many officers are designated Neighborhood Resource Officers. In addition to their normal patrol duties, these officers work with residents to identify and resolve neighborhood concerns.

K-9 Unit

The Fridley Police K-9 unit is part of the patrol unit and consists of two uniformed patrol officers and their canine partners.  The Fridley Police Department began to utilize dogs as part of patrol unit in 2009 and assigns each canine team to opposite patrol shifts to maximize canine coverage.  Click here for more information about the K-9 Unit. 

Police Reserve Unit

The Police Reserve Unit is a volunteer unit made up of citizens from Fridley and surrounding areas.  A police reserve officer's primary function is to assist the sworn police officers with traffic control, scene security and prisoner transport. Click here  for more information about the Reserve Unit.

Investigations Division 

The Investigations Unit of the Fridley Police Department is responsible for the investigation of crimes committed within the City. The section is responsible for preparing cases to present to the prosecuting attorney's office for charging.

The Fridley Police Investigations Unit is comprised of a detective lieutenant, lead detective, two general detectives, one pawn detective, one Anoka-Hennepin drug task force and violent crimes detective, three school resource officers, and one civilian police technician. The detective lieutenant is responsible for reviewing cases sent to the unit from patrol and assigning those cases to individual detectives. The detectives maintain close working relationships with other investigatory agencies on all levels of law enforcement.

The Investigations Unit's main objective is to work hand-in-hand with Patrol to identify and apprehend criminal offenders, with special emphasis on the investigation of major crimes. Through this cooperation, both units operate efficiently to apprehend offenders and resolve cases. Patrol officers' reports/investigations are coupled with those produced in the Criminal Investigations Unit and are subsequently presented to the prosecuting attorney's office for charging.

The structure of the Investigations Unit is:
1 Detective Lieutenant
1 Lead Detective
2 General Detectives
1 Pawn Detective
School Resource Officers
1 Narcotics Officer (Anoka-Hennepin Drug Task Force)          

Support Division  


Crime Prevention

An active Neighborhood Watch program is coordinated through the Crime Prevention Specialist. A majority of Fridley neighborhoods are involved thanks to the efforts of hundreds of volunteer block captains.

The Crime Prevention Specialist organizes the annual Night to Unite, Safety Camp and also works with the Fire Department performing child car seat inspections. For more information on these programs, call 763-572-3638.

Information Services Unit

Police records are processed and maintained by the Information Services Unit consisting of a administrative sergeant and five full-time police technicians and data entry personnel. The Fridley Police Department participates in the Anoka County-wide records system, in place since December, 1999. In addition to maintaining police records, Information Services Unit handles incoming calls and walk in traffic at the police departments main lobby window, provides clerical support to the investigators, maintains the evidence and property rooms, and provides police data to the public per Minnesota Data Practices and the City of Fridley Police fee schedule. The Fridley Police office is open 7 days a week except for holidays. Click here for office hours and directions.

Special Operations Unit

The Special Operations Unit targets specific and significant threats to public safely as well as our residents and visitors ability to move freely, and conduct business. The SOU goal is to disrupt and prevent dangerous criminal activity within the City of Fridley so as to provide a safe and secure environment and to improve the quality of life for our residents and visitors.

The SOU do not answer routine calls, thus they are able to commit the time and resources to investigate specific, acute criminal activity that is a danger to the general public. They do this by blending in. SOU detectives may appear to be normal citizens, drug dealers, substance abusers, or even potential easy marks for criminals. In short, an SOU officer can be anyone they want to be depending on the situation.

Community Service Officers

Community Service officers enforce animal control and parking laws, provide motorist assists and perform other non-sworn duties such as maintaining the property room and assisting the forfeiture program coordinator.

The structure of the Support Division is:
1 Lieutenant
1 Administrative Sergeant
1 Special Operations Detective
1 Crime Prevention Specialist
5 Police Technicians
5 Community Service Officers