Waste and Recycling


Next Recycling Drop-off Event:
Saturday, July 22 
NEW LOCATION - Green Lights Recycling in Blaine

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Garbage Service

Need to set up garbage and yard waste pick-up service? Contact a licensed garbage hauler to set up service. Weekly garbage service is required by code.

Yard waste is a separate service contracted for with your garbage company and is optional because residents could also take yard waste to the Bunker Hills Compost site in Coon Rapids or practice at-home composting to create a reusable product for flower beds and vegetable gardens!  The City does not pick up yard waste or Christmas trees.

Residential Recycling in Fridley is picked up every other week on either a Monday or Tuesday.
Click Here for a Map to Determine Your Recycling Day.

Curbside Collection Program

Curbside Recycling in Fridley is every other week, on the same day of the week as garbage pick-up. Holidays may move your recycling day back one day.  To find out if you are in a blue or a gray zone and what day of the week you will have recycling pick-up, click here for a map.

Free Upgrade to Larger 96 Gallon Recycling Carts Available at No Charge!!

Call the City Recycling provider Republic (formerly Allied) Services to request your free upgrade to a larger recycling cart at 952-941-5174.  The larger cart is not much bigger at the base, just a bit taller.

Billing for recycling is done by the City of Fridley in conjunction with the Water bill.  There is no tax assessed on recyclables but the state does charge 9.75% tax on garbage. Some households request a free larger recycling cart and reduce the size of their garbage cart when they thoroughly utilize recycling.


Additional Information about Curbside Recycling

  • No need to sort recyclables into categories since our recycling program is single sort: throw everything recyclable into the cart together.  The recycling cart is collected every 2 weeks and your zone is on your home address on the city website, along with your lot and other information.
  • All plastics marked #1-7 are recyclable
  • Although the original recycling carts issued in 2012 was 65 gallon size, free up-sizing to a 96 gallon cart is available now, since many residents are finding the original cart is too small.  The cart is slightly taller than the 65 gallon size but not much wider.  Call the City's recycling contractor, Republic to request one: (952) 941-5174.  
  • If you have a large family or home business that generates a lot of recyclables, the larger 96 gallon cart can be handy.  Or, if you have a lot of cardboard boxes, you'll want to have the largest size cart or save the cardboard for the Drop-off Day Events, 3 times per year.
  • Don't put plastic bags into the recycling cart. Check your local grocery store - many collect plastic bags for recycling.  
  • You can downsize your garbage cart size if you are diligent about recycling everything that is eligible. Garbage is taxed by the state and recycling isn't, so it makes good dollar$ and $ense to recycle more.
  • Please recycle rinsed milk, cream and 1/2 and 1/2 containers and yogurt cups.


Other Recycling Options 

  • Need to get rid of appliances or electronics? The City of Fridley hosts 2-3 Drop-off Days annually. 
  • For additional information, visit the Anoka County Recycling and Resource Solutions web page for comprehensive recycling information for bulky items and other hard to dispose of items. You can also find information about recycling reusable items, batteries and plastic bags.
  • Learn about getting rid of fluorescent bulbs or household hazardous waste like paint and chemicals at the Anoka County website.
  • Reduce, reuse, then recycle.
  • The City of Fridley coordinates Recycling Drop-off Days each year to give its residents an opportunity to recycle large, bulky items in an environmentally friendly manor. Free and confidential paper shredding is also offered at these events. Watch for a postcard mailing or look for details on our website. 
  • For additional options paper shredding in-between city events, Fridley has First Shred, local fee-based business for secure paper shredding. Other businesses may also be available near Fridley. A couple of times per year, U.S. Federal Credit Union of Fridley has free paper shredding events. Other paper shredding info may be found here courtesy of Anoka County.