Heart Safe Fridley

Heart Safe Fridley

Sudden Cardiac Arrest can happen 

anywhere at anytime to anyone

What are the odds...
  • 70% of cardiac arrests happen at home or work
  • 5% chance of survival without CPR and AED intervention
  • Chance of survival quadruples if CPR is given in the first 3 minutes of an event
  • 80-85% chance of survival if both CPR and AED are administered in the first 3 minutes of an event


Fridley Police and Fire want to make Fridley a Heart Safe Community.
What does that mean? It means Fridley is making a commitment to educate the community, make AEDs readily available throughout the city, and is offering FREE public training on bystander CPR and AED use.

  • Public trainings on BYSTANDER CPR and AED use will be offered throughout the year - dates and locations are still being determined. Sign up for our Fridley 4U email updates or calendar alerts to be the first to know about upcoming trainings.
  • Do you have a business, house of worship, community group or neighborhood that would like free training? We are happy to come out to your location. Contact Officer John Kotchen for more information at John.Kotchen@FridleyMN.gov or 763-502-1907.
  • Heart Safe Fridley will be the theme of this year's Night to Unite! Start planning your neighborhood gathering now. Trainers will be stopping at block parties to teach bystander CPR.