Water Billing Information

Reading Your Meter

Read the digits on the meter from left to right.  Please include the stationary zero on the extreme right end (if there is more than one stationary zero, please note).  The sweep hand can be used to see the exact number of gallons used.  You will never need to report this number, it is just informational.

Check for Leaks

If your water consumption is high or you feel that you are using a large amount of water, check for leaks.

To use your water meter to detect leaks, turn off all water fixtures and appliances and make sure that no one is using water. Record the meter reading and return in two to three hours to check for movement.

If the meter reading has changed, you may have a leak. Another method is that many meters have a small red gear shaped indicator on the meter face designed to detect even small leaks. If this red indicator is moving when you have all water off inside and outside your house, you may have a leak.

One significant source of leaks is a leaky toilet. Leaking toilets cause more water waste than any other fixture in the home. Toilets can waste large amounts of water without being noticed.

A silent toilet leak will waste 30 to 500 gallons per day. To check for a leak in the toilet, put several drops of food coloring into your toilet tank. Do not flush for 30 minutes. If colored water appears in your bowl during that time, you have a leak that should be repaired.

Calculate Water Usage and Winter Sewer Consumption

To calculate your water and sewer, we measure the flow of water to your home through the water meter.  During the winter months we bill the usage for both water and sewer according to your meter reading.

In the summer months, in recognition of the extra water usage outside that doesn't flow through the sewer, we use your winter average water usage to calculate your sewer maximum.  This maximum is applies to your account so that when you reach your sewer maximum, you are not charged for usage beyond that amount for the sewer portion of your billing.